The Holy Eucharist Testimony

“We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently”.

What is sacrifice? What is penance? What is the Blessed Sacrament? You know, we know, but do we all really know? Have you researched everything you can find on Garabandal? Waiting on news from there?

Time is near but aside from that, discover the free will to love and to serve God without fear. Live like Jesus was due back yesterday. Live like you have already had a correction of conscience and know exactly what is required of you. Do not delay your salvation any longer. Do not judge others, for you WILL be judged. I say this as a humble sinner reflecting on my own misunderstandings and distractions from living the actual messages of Garabandal by focusing on the prophecies.

A short story on an experience I had once, and you do not have to believe my story but I would like to share it anyway. I arrived late to Mass one evening, after putting off every service that weekend, I finally made it to the final service. I went along knowing I could not receive the Holy Eucharist, as I had foolishly and deliberately chosen not to go to Mass the weekend before. I knew I had to go to confession first before I was worthy of the Eucharist, but had missed all confession times. I sat at the back of the church on my own, in a packed chapel for the service. Throughout the Mass I had been thinking about transubstantiation and as obedient as I wanted to be, and as much as I believed church teaching that the body and blood of Jesus was in the bread and wine, I still pondered it. Prior to this I had been told about a priest who said that guardian angels are present at transubstantiation and long to be able to receive the Holy Eucharist like humans do. Sitting at the back of the church knowing I was to miss out, I started to feel a touch of that longing. As the priest of a dark complexion hovered his dark hands with white palms over the chalice, I looked up to see his white palms glowing bright florescent red. It was like a red light glowing on both his palms. Then his hands turned further down towards the chalice so I could only see the side and back of his hands. I started to look around for a red window and perhaps a light shining through and reflecting on his hands by accident, but it was night time and the stained glass windows of the church were yellow at the base where any light could pass through. I looked at all the people in front of me - none of them seemed to notice his hands at all. I looked back at his hands that had returned to his normal white palms. I smiled as though I knew God was trying to show me a better understanding of transubstantiation.

I would like to conclude that I went to confession and have received the Holy Eucharist on a weekly basis, never missing Mass again, but that would not be the truth. It is a weekly struggle. Again, my story is not going to be believed by all, if any. But please contemplate the Holy Eucharist, visiting the Blessed Sacrament often. There are many Eucharistic miracles you can research, that might help your understanding. Pray for conversion of all sinners, especially those who most need mercy. Offer up sacrifices for them, fast for them and pray for them always. Pray for me too, and do not every forget the Holy Rosary.


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